Monday, August 4, 2008

SYTYCD 2 of the Top 4 are Hospitalized After Collapsing

I just read on that 2 of the top 4 dancers collapsed on Saturday, and were rushed to the Hospital. They were treated for dehydration. No word on whether the show will go on as planned.

Thanks for giving me a heads up on this Dar!


  1. For the pole on "who collapsed", I chose Joshua and Courtney. Joshua because he looks like he'd get tired quicker than the rest, and he's always sweating bullets on the show. Courtney because I don't think Twitch or Katee collapsed. Twitch and Katee look like they're used to working this hard - I don;t know that much about Courtney so I'm left to assume t'was her :)

  2. I Think It Was Those Mandingo Nigga`s. Both of Them.

  3. OK - yeah, yeah - thanks Dar - yeah, yeah but I know the real reason Dar was on the same reason I was and it was not for SYTYCD let's be honest it was to see the perfect twins with their perfect parents and the rest of the news was stumbled upon! ;-) I can step in if they need a replacement dancer!
    Have you heard yet? Southern belle is no longer - something to do with killer GA frogs!

  4. Congrats Vegas Strip-ER! I'm so excited for you. I'll miss miss southern bell and stories of killer frogs but I'm glad you shed her off and moved on to bigger and better (in other words, more luxurious), which is what you are destined for. I'll be visiting you all the time in LV, especially if you're gonna party with the Maloof's, allegedly. Make sure you have a luxurious Himbo guest room for me k. Or you can just ensure that one the presidentials (Playboy Tower) at the Palms is always available for me. the only person with permission to take precedence over me is Bon Don :) so the order goes like this:

    1. Bon Don + tribe
    2. Himbo
    3. The President (of all things pimp), Hugh Hefner
    4. Kathy Griffin
    5. The (other) President
    6. A-List
    7. B-List
    8. C-List
    9. D-List

    Safe travels, get here safely for the FINALE! Lot's of wine to celebrate. I'll have 2 strippers here, Vegas Strip-ER and Stripper-Dula! Woot woot!