Friday, August 15, 2008

Himbo is okay now

I am doing mo beta! Yay! I am at one with my buddha right now and we are ready to party like rock*stars this weekend. Ready to blow this joint. I think buddha is hungry though. We need to eat! Oh crap... mabe that's why I... I mean buddha, was so testy all morning. Oopsy doopsy! Anyway, just wanted to share that buddha and I are smelling the flowers again. Weee!

I'm off like a prom dress! Going to the tundra (Hemet) today for a banquet honoring SusieQ for being so luxurious. Staying the night at my sissy's house and spending some time with the kids :P soo exciteeed... then we're heading back to the OC afterwards for a concert at Irvine Lake, we're reliving (or, living for the first time in my case) Woodstock '69 betches! Don't hate. And then I get to be home chilaxin all day Sunday. I might do some laundry, but we'll see.

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