Friday, August 15, 2008


I hate my job at this very moment!

I don't feel this way everyday, but right now I would rather be doing something else, or the same thing somewhere else, or here, but with different people... I dunno.

This goes without saying but Bon Don, Reina, Stripper-D, and cAndy are exempt from this statement. Duh!

I'm so glad it's Friday!


  1. I agree...different people would be so much better...EXCEPT for the Kool Kids, we must stay!

    Himbo we all love you so come down from that horrible ledge.

  2. Lol - thanks. Mediocrity just drives me up the wall. I get all dramatic and flustered by it :) and I also don't like when people rush me.

  3. ha ha No! you get all Himbo-dramatic! HUH! HUh? like it!? .. "Himbo-dramatic"

    ok I will stop now