Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Follow up to SYTYCD: 2 f Top 4 Hospitalized…

As promised in my previous post SYTYCD: 2 of the Top 4 Hospitalized After Collapsing, I am here to deliver the goods. T'was the boys, Joshua and Twitch who collapsed the week leading up to the season finale. I should have known because duh! Women are superior to men. I had guessed Joshua and Courtney.

I posted a poll, asking you to share who you suspected. This is how you voted:


7 (87%)


2 (25%)


5 (62%)


2 (25%)

It looks like we pretty much knew Joshua would have fainted (what a drama queen) but all of us thought Courtney also kissed the floor. Only 2 people suspected Twitch, but I can safely assume that BDC had something to do with that. Maybe it was the MC Hammer pants that made them sweat too much.

Fess up, who did you vote for? Were you right?


  1. Sorry Himbo I did not vote because I had no clue who it could have been however after watching the finale I agree with you it HAD to have been the MC hammer pants that tired them out! I can just imagine the reason BDC will give- that racist!

  2. AND!!! Boo you whore post something already! I'm bored.